AI Powered. Research Driven. Member Focused.

AI Powered. Research Driven. Member Focused.


Why Parabolic?

Parabolic AI

Parabolic AI is a Machine Learning system that detects market catalysts for up-to-date alerts on market movers to give traders a competative edge.


Resource Center

Members have access to insightful learning content including charting analysis, technical and fundamental analysis based on data tracking tools.


The Parabolic community fosters an environment where members are encouraged to collaborate with other members and resources afforded to them. 

Member Learning

With the addition of management consultations for Platinum and Elite memberships, the Parabolic Team strives to provide learning material for all members to increase their knowledge.

– Hear What Our Community has to Say –

Being self-employed and a business owner, the time needed to trade successfully was a constant issue. I had to find a system that gave me the flexibility to trade and be profitable even while working full-time. Led by a knowledgeable and helpful group, I feel more assured and confident investing my money. I am 59 and plan to retire soon but still want to earn money and this Parabolic AI system of trading gives me that confidence and understanding of how the stock market works. The system is accurate and on target like no other. Highly recommend them!

Patrick C.

Founder, Perkside Coffee

Joe and his team at PFS have really improved my understanding of swing trading and how to set myself up for successful trading in the short term and long term. As a full-time business owner, I have only limited time in the day to watch my trades. The system here has given me the information to properly chart and plan my trades at night and place my orders in the morning/day and be able to work at my job—all the while making some extra money! I owe my success to the excellent learning resources and the individual help that Joe and the Parabolic team have provided me. In the last 10 months my account has grown 507% and more importantly, I now feel confident in the trades I’m making. Although I use this platform as a supplement to my day job, I could easily see others using PFS as a tool to transition into full time trading. Thank you for your hard work and sharing your expertise!

Chris H.


I opened a trading account with $14,000 and quickly lost $8,000. That was a tough lesson and knew I had to locate professional HELP. I knew there were parts of the market that I didn’t understand so I started searching for AI assisted help. After that I joined Parabolic Financial, a group of highly dedicated people with powerful AI capabilities. Within 6 months, I was able to recapture all of my losses and actually create a profit. What are you waiting for? Get a 2-week free trial and I will see you in the trade room!

Rebecca M.

Operations Manager, Calvary Transportation

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