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What is one thing you wish you knew when you started investing?

Finding one simple strategy and fine-tuning that aspect of trading would have prevented some of the trial and error. The bare-bone charting techniques can be very profitable if you can stay strong psychologically. Parabolic Financial Services, LLC suggests having a word document or notebook to take notes on every trade you enter. This way you can start to pick up on what worked and what didn’t. It will help you understand where you need to sharpen your tools and how to formulate questions to get the answers you need to continue learning.


What is the most important aspect of short-term investing?

Pre-plan trades to adjust your risk management so you are playing 2 for 1 each trade. If you were to lose 60% of trades playing a 2 for 1 ratio you still make money every day.


What broker do you recommend?

Best for Charting: 

TD Ameritrade and the ThinkorSwim platform! They recently went commission free even so having the most reliable and real-time data will be something you treasure as an investor.

Yahoo Finance is a good alternative if you do not have the choice with your international broker.

Best for Extended Hours:

Webull since they allow you to have extended pre-market and extended hours data that gives you the advantage.

Best for Trade Execution Speed:



How would you suggest managing risk during trades?

There are four primary ways to manage risk.

Two of the ways are entry and exit optimization and the other two are intra-trade strategies. Once you enter a free trial or subscribe to Parabolic you will receive access to learning content focused on teaching you the ins and outs of how to use Parabolic Machine Learning Data System to your advantage. Within that, you will be taught multiple ways to manage risk through smart entry scale-ins and stop-loss systems.


How big of an account do I need to trade?

Very little.  Plenty of brokers do not have a minimum investment amount.  Start small if you are new, you will make mistakes, so make them cost less.

What makes Parabolic different from other trade rooms?

Simply put, we educate our members, are knowledgeable about and successful in biotech investment, and our AI can alert you to more than just momentum changes.

Parabolic educates on entry points, provides statistical risk management, and gives you an informed edge in the biotech investment space. Our AI focuses on deep statistical analysis.  Roughly 80% of the stocks we alert are biopharm. We understand the phase of the FDA process and funding for each company we alert.

Additionally, our community supports each other with news/information and education.  


What does Parabolic provide?

Parabolic provides data-driven, AI-backed data as well as a community for investors to work together. Our tools and algorithms guide the planning of optimal entry and exit points into stocks. Our community in the Parabolic trade room allows members to collaborate and discuss investment in the markets.


How does Parabolic help me trade?


It provides you with the data you need to know what stocks are likely ready for a move and gives you supporting data to help guide your due diligence.


How does Parabolic help avoid FOMO trading?

Our systems are designed to fight against emotional and FOMO trading through statistical analysis. FOMO trading tends to force investors to make quick decisions where they will over-commit funds and end up entering a trade with a higher risk than reward. In the stock market, the ultimate failure is derived from the ill-planned trades that lead to a bad statistical probability of success.


I am a beginner, will your trade room work for me?

We offer a community, AI-driven alerts, and educational content to propel you forward in your trading journey.  All levels are welcome, but any foundation would be very helpful in speeding up your learning curve.


When is the Parabolic trade room open?

24/7: The Parabolic trade room offers alerts and collaboration all day long (most Parabolic communication and alerts happen just before, during, and just after regular market hours). Your actual trading is restricted by the broker a trader decides to use for their personal account(s).

Where do I get alerts for day and swing trades?

#swing-alerts, #ai-watchlist, and #swing-db-bot. Parabolic does not give specific “buy at this price” or “sell at this price” alerts. Each of these channels provide different information to aid an investor.

How do I use the #ai-watch-list?

Our #ai-watch-list highlights a set of high potential stocks for our members to research and use technical analysis to determine their best entry. 

#ai-watchlist alerts are not as specific as #swing-alerts.

How do I use #swing-alerts?

Our #swing-alerts help to guide you in determining an entry or exit price by alerting when a support (S1-S3) resistance (R1-R3), short max pain, or a pivot point is crossed. 

#swing-alerts are more specific than #ai-watchlist alerts.

Where do you post potential entries?

Parabolic does not tell members exact entry points but gives the tools for the trader to determine and analyze their optimal entry point. Our Swing Alert Database displays the supports, resistances, and short max pain. These tools help traders determine when they should enter a stock.

How do I get access to the Swing Database?

It’s available through the Member Dashboard on our website if you are a current Parabolic member. Trial members do not have access. During your trial, you can access #swing-db-bot which alerts whenever a support (S1-S3), resistance (R1-R3), short-max pain, or bullish pivot channel is hit. These alerts come from the swing database (swing DB).

How do I access the educational content?

Navigate through our website:

Is there a mobile app?

Our trade room is hosted within Discord (access discord). Our website is mobile-friendly, just bookmark the pages you need!
Make download discord a link to

Is auto-trading available?


You are in charge of how and when you will execute your trades.  We cannot and do not bear that responsibility for you.

What programs or websites do you recommend for charting?

Program: Think or Swim (free from TD Ameritrade)
Website: Yahoo Finance
Make these links to download/pages.

What's a good monitor that will allow me to view charts well?

This monitor set has received positive feedback from others in the trade room.

How do I find definitions for terms used in the trade room?

How do I set up my one on one (1:1)? (Elite members)

Navigate via our website: Membership Dashboard → Paid Member Content –> Elite (click here).  There you will find @JC Founder’s calendar. Sign up for your 1:1 by selecting your date and time! All meetings are scheduled using this calendar.

How do I send a message to just Elite members in the trade room?

Use the special chat named #elite-chat and tag @elite if you want a push notification to be sent to their phones.
For example:
@elite Which stock are you most interested in?

Can I see the trade portfolios of top traders in the trade room?

These are private unless an individual chooses to disclose this information in our trade room.

What plans do we offer?

Free, Gold, Platinum, and Elite. View our pricing page for more information.

Do I need to pay each month?

Nope. Gold and Platinum members can pay monthly or quarterly. Elite members can pay monthly or yearly.

See our pricing page for more information.

Do you offer refunds?

We have a no refund policy, unless there is an issue with our payment processing system or a technical issue.

How do I cancel my subscription?

This can be accomplished within your Member Dashboard.

Can I pay with paypal?

Yes, we accept Paypal, Discover, Mastercard, Visa, and AMEX.

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