Parabolic AI

Our machine learning system identifies stocks

with strong catalysts and provides you

with filtered data to aid in your pursuit of bullish movement

Parabolic AI Process

Data Mine

Collect US-listed stocks’ supply & demand flow + catalysts


Condense & Compare

Turn into processable data &  compare against sectors & similar investments

Create Predictive Analytics

Analyze stocks with AI to answer the question: What will happen in the future? 

Optimize Timing

Use AI to stay up to date on Supply & Demand flow


Pushes data to Parabolic Financial Products (See below)


      AI Weekly Watchlist

Our AI system feeds us filtered lists of top investments available in the broad market. Our management team curates these lists, releasing them into our trade room.  This provides a calculated and competitive edge for our members. Each stock contains a bullish element: momentum, golden cross, long-term oversold, and short-term oversold. Members also receive additional guidance through updates and comments from experts.

AI also locates sector and small market trends that allow you to recognize when hot, general trends start to formulate.

An example was Electric Vehicle investments that our AI alerted:  BLNK @ $1.69 (Hit $8.50)  SOLO @ $0.98 (Hit $6.00). The whole sector followed these movers, leading to other great opportunities. 



Swing Alerts

Our members receive swing alerts which provide them updates over the entire market, as well as insights into news pieces of individual companies. Members are sent AI Long-Term (LT) and Short-Term (ST) oversold stock metrics which display momentum and relative strength of companies. Alerts are also sent out when a Parabolic Wave Theory cycle is ending. Additionally, direct offerings and golden/death crosses (GC, DC) are also included to aid members for current and future investments. 


Parabolic predicts when a crossover triggers short-term investment firms switch from bearish to bullish.

Parabolic AI projects the 1 month perceived value of a stock using a momentum oscillator that measures the direction and velocity of a stock’s price movement.

Parabolic AI projects the 1-2 week perceived value of a stock using a momentum oscillator that measures the direction and velocity of a stock’s price movement.

Interaction between candlestick patterns, standard moving averages, and historical stock data are used to target optimized transitional periods.

Swing Database

Our members have access to a swing database with stocks that have potential to be traded multiple times. Utilizing our Parabolic Wave Theory and many forms of technical analysis, the Swing Database bot continually alerts supports, resistances, short max pain, and last actionable moves to provide members with optimal entry and exit points. This tool has proven to be a beneficial asset to our members when examining stocks to create a game plan! 



Support, or support level, refers to the price level that an asset does not fall below for a time period.


Resistance is the price at which the price of an asset meets pressure on its way up by the emergence of a growing number of sellers who wish to sell at that price.

Short Max Pain

Short Max Pain is the area where short sellers are either going to re-short hard or once the stock breaks this level they begin to cover their positions.